Robert Barry

Art Lovers , 2006

72 pages in a slipcase

Slipcase, 28.8 x 28.8 x 2.5 cm

Limited edition of 270 numbered copies and 30 artist’s proofs

Under $2,200

mfc-michèle didier


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Each plate of this unbound book superimposes two layers: a photographic portrait taken by the artist himself and a word outline cut into a black surface. The portrait is covered by the black layer and the frame of shape of the word creates a fragmented portrait seen through a keyhole. In "Art Lovers", there is a great mystery and obscurity by the indistinguishable, vague elements. It is up to the viewer to infer their subjects and reconstitute the portraits based on sparse and vague elements. The 31 “Art Lovers” in question were photographed by Robert Barry himself.