Erich Heckel

Madchen am Meer (Girl beside the Sea) , 1918


46 x 32.5 cm

40 plus proofs

$12,000 - $35,000

Simon Theobald Ltd


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In 1921 the Berlin publisher gathered together 11 of Heckel’s woodcuts from the years 1912-1919 to publish in the monumental print portfolio Elf Holzschnitte. He series comprised some of the artist’s most striking woodcuts of these important years.

Mädchen am Meer shows a primitive depiction of a woman within the context of a fractured and multifaceted landscape and sky exaggerating the contrast of black and white. Heckel painted a similar compostion in oil at the same date (Vogt 1918, 4, listed as ‘whereabouts unknown’)

The format recalls the early German woodcuts of the Masters like Albrecht Dürer whom were greatly admired by the Brücke artists.

Examples of this woodcut are in a number of museums including The Museum of Modern Art, New York.