Suzuki Harunobu

Young Lover Surprising a Girl Holding a Shamisen , 1767

color woodcut

205 x 282 mm

$5,500 - $12,000

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Woodblock print, nishiki-e
Horizontal chūban, 205 x 282 mm
Date: ca. 1767-68

The young man, with one arm round the girl’s waist, takes hold of her lower leg with the other arm. The girl gently restrains him with one hand, bending her head down to his. The lovers are on a verandah which overlooks a garden with a twisting stream and luxuriant bushes of plants and flowers. The print, unsigned like most of shunga prints, is unanimously accepted as the work of Harunobu.

Very good impression, very good colour, minor paper faults, generally in very good condition. Another impression of this print is at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (accession number RES.09.318.6).

David Waterhouse, The Harunobu Decade, Leiden, 2013, vol. I p. 161, no. 234.