Peter Halley

Prison with Smokestack I , 2014

print on handmade paper

Price upon request


Los Angeles, CA



In Prison with Smokestack, Peter Halley explores these elements by creating a cartoonish rendition of the prison cell, breaking from his tradition of geometric minimalism. In this series Peter Halley’s fascination with the relationships between new forms of isolation and connection in post-industrial society by re-imagining and combining his iconic imagery of the prison and usage of bright, linear geometric forms. For over twenty-five years, Halley has produced artwork that explores the shifting geometry of social space, labor and landscape in modern Western society. His work depicts variations of a few basic structures: the prison, the window, and the network of connections that exists below the surface. Halley utilizes the Mixografia printmaking technique to mimic paper collage, creating a scene that is both playful and haunting. The artwork builds tension between each isolated “collaged” element and the inherent unity of a single continuous print.