James Barry

Mercury Inventing the Lyre , 1775

Mezzotint in brown by John Raphael Smith (1751-1812)

32.5 x 38.2 cm

Price upon request

Emanuel von Baeyer


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A very fine impression with small margins around the platemark, printed in the same manners as the second state impression in the British Museum (BM 1868.06.12.2202). The second state was the first published state before the new re-engraved text and a quote from Horace : Mercury, eloquent grandson of Atlas, I'll sing of you, who wise with your training, shaped the uncivilised ways of our new-born race, with language, and grace in the ways of wrestling, you the messenger of Jove and the gods, and the curved lyre's father. (Book I. Ode. X, 1&2).