Joining IFPDA

To be considered for membership, a candidate must be recommended by a current IFPDA member. This recommendation should be submitted by the IFPDA member directly to the IFPDA’s Membership Committee by January 31. Candidates may provide support documentation relevant to their candidacy directly to the recommending member. Review of candidates for membership involves the Membership committee in consultation with the Board of Directors. An invitation to membership will not necessarily occur during the year in which a review is initiated. Membership in the organization does not guarantee participation in annual IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair in New York.
  • * A minimum of five years in business when the candidate is a public gallery or print publisher and five years if the candidate is a private dealer.
  • * Secondary market art dealers with a demonstrated business focus on or expertise in fine prints.
  • * Print publishers of editions by artists of international or national importance and repute.
  • * Ownership of a substantial portion of the works of art being offered for sale, rather than consigned by other dealers or collectors.
In addition to these qualifications, the IFPDA considers:
  • * The quality and importance of the works represented or published by the candidate and, if these works are contemporary, whether the artists are of international or national importance and repute.
  • * A candidate’s commitment to scholarship as expressed through the quality and focus of their exhibitions, their documentation and presentation of prints in art fairs, their website, online platforms for exhibiting inventory, published catalogues, and all public-facing activities.
  • * A candidate’s presence in the community, including participation in art fairs.
  • * A demonstrated commitment to promoting knowledge of fine prints within the public sphere.
  • * A candidate’s potential to advance the Association’s mission and reputation, standards of quality, expertise and integrity.

  • Code of Ethics