Catalogue Raisonné
A Catalogue Raisonné is a published reference that covers every known work of an individual artist up to the year of the book's publication. Catalogues raisonné typically apply to artists who are advanced in their careers or deceased and are written by the leading expert on that artist's career. In addition to images of all the artist's works to date, these studies usually also include biographical information, provenance, examples of the artist's signature and/or marks, condition reports for individual artworks, bibliographies of literature related to individual works of art, and discussions of questionable or "attributed" (but not authenticated) works of art. The Print Council of America's Index to Print Catalogues Raisonné (IPCR) will help you find out if an oeuvre-catalogue of an artist's prints exists. An oeuvre-catalogue is defined as any listing of the artist's total output, or some clearly defined section of that output: for example, all the prints in one technique, or all the prints made up to a certain date. Catalogues of the output of print publishers and print publishing houses have been included as well.