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Niels Borch Jensen Editions was established in Copenhagen in 1979 and has since then established a position as one of the world's leading producers and publishers of original prints.

In our Copenhagen print shop, internationally established artists work in a close collaborative process with Niels Borch Jensen and master printers Julie Dam, Tom Jennions, and Mette Ulstrup. Our collaborations usually continue over many years and projects, allowing the artists to build up a comprehensive body of printed works that explores various aspects of the medium and ties in closely with the rest of their oeuvre.

Most of our editions are in classic intaglio techniques using copper printing plates. Since 1990 photogravure has become an area of special expertise for the print shop. We also produce woodcuts, offset-lithographs and monotypes.

Our Berlin gallery space opened in 1999. Here the results of our collaborations are presented in five to six solo and group exhibitions a year. 

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