Board of Directors
David Tunick
David Tunick, Inc.,
New York, USA
Ann Marshall
Vice President
Durham Press,
Durham, USA
Susan Sheehan
Vice President
Susan Sheehan Gallery,
New York, USA
Larissa Goldston
Marc Rosen
Anne-Francoise Gavanon
Frederick Mulder,
London, UK
Carolina Nitsch
Carolina Nitsch,
New York, USA
Jonathan Novak
Robert Newman
Frankie Rossi
Harris Schrank
Sasha Schwartz
Pace Prints,
New York, USA
Emanuel von Baeyer
Valerie Wade
Crown Point Press,
San Francisco, USA
Andrew Witkin
Jenny Gibbs
Executive Director
Shari Young
Manager of Finance and Administration
The IFPDA’s Board of Directors is comprised of members in varying specialties and geographic locations to ensure it is representative of the full diversity of its membership. Directors are elected for three-year terms and attend approximately four meetings each year.