Le Fantôme

Honore Daumier

Le Fantôme



272 x 221 mm

I (of III). H. D. 300 I (of III)

Pia Gallo

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Marseille 1808 – Valmondois 1879

Le Fantôme, 1835

Lithograph. 1835. Delteil 115. I (of III). H. D. 300 I (of III). Chine appliqué on wove paper. 272 x 221 mm

Provenance: G. Cognacq (1880–1951), Paris (Lugt 538d); R. Gaston-Dreyfus (not in Lugt); Henri M. Petiet (not in Lugt)

A fine, rich impression of this rare subject in a first state, with the three stars clearly visible. Published in La Caricature, no. 235, 7 May 1835, plate 488. Delteil describes the first state as “très rare”.