The Twelve Months

Jan van de Velde II

The Twelve Months


Set of 12 etchings

Each approx. 159 x 215 mm. 6 1/4 x 8 1/2 in.

David Tunick, Inc.

New York, NY


Price upon request

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Set of all 12 months. 

References: Hollstein 59-70, each second state with numbers added and changes to

certain plates, as follows:

January, Hollstein 59, second state of three, with addresses of I. van Velde

and F. de Wit

February, Hollstein 60, second state of two, with single skater replacing

four skating figures at lower right

April, Hollstein 62, second state of two, with maid carrying a basket

replacing woman wearing a cap at left

May, Hollstein 63, second state of two, with horseman and servant

returning from chase replacing company in foreground right

December, Hollstein 70, second state of two, with single skater replacing

two couples in the lower left foreground

Provenance: Galerie Michel, Paris; 1989 to

Private collection, U.S.A.; 2017 to

Estate of the same

Impression: Very fine

Condition: Good