Saint Anthony Reading

Albrecht Dürer

Saint Anthony Reading



101 x 143 mm


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Engraving, dated and monogrammed lower left 
Bartsch 58; Meder 51 a/d; Schoch - Mende - Scherbaum  87 
101 x 143 mm
A superb brilliant impression, the blacks printed with great richness, on paper without watermark as described by Meder for the variant A. With narrow margins or trimmed on the platemark.
In very fine condition. On the right edge are visible three scratches in the sky between the line and the latest architectures, traces of unrealized building designs, present only in the first pull.
Sheets of this quality and conservation are very rare.The artist represents  Saint Anthony an Egyptian monk known for his solitude, abstinence and meditation. For this virtues he become the first Christian hermit. He is reading in the foreground, isolated from the world of the city, seated on a hill. The main attraction of this print is the spectacular cityscape.
In the background you can admire an almost cubist landscape that combines elements of the native landscapes of Durer, in the surroundings of Nuremberg and those of the views observed during his first trip to Italy