Dwarves and dogs II

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo

Dwarves and dogs II

1774 c.

Etching and engraving

Platemark 204 x 300 mm; sheet 238 x 340 mm

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Etching and engraving
Rizzi, 1971, n.151 II/II; Succi, 1988,  n. 168, page 247, only state.
Platemark 204 x 300 mm; sheet 238 x 340 mm
After Giambattista Tiepolo.
Inscribed at bottom left: ‘Jo. Bapta Tiepolo inv. et pinx.’; bottom center ‘Jo. Dominicus Filius Sculp’; at top right corner: ‘7’.
Very fine, rich impression, in the only state, printed on paper with fragment of the watermark ‘Crowned coat of arms with sword arm’. (Link)
In pristine, fresh condition, with inked platemark and good margins all around. 
Giovanni Domenico, in this charming composition, depicts Dwarves and Dogs after paintings by his father Giambattista.
The Dwarf, on the left side, and the Dog seen from the back, are related with the painting ‘Il ricevimento di Enrico III nella villa Contarini alla Mira’ (1754); the Dwarf, on the right side, is similar to the one in the painting ‘Banchetto di Cleopatra’ at Arcangelo (1747).
The two dogs at upper left, are in relation with a drawing by Gianbattista preserved at the Metropolitan Museum of New York and related to the painting by Paolo Veronese ‘La famiglia di Dario davanti ad Alessandro’.