Marché à Pontoise

Camille Pissarro

Marché à Pontoise

c. 1895


308 x 227 mm

Stanza del Borgo S.R.L.


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Delteil p. 316, n. 147, III/III
308 x 227 mm; sheet 450 x 315 mm 
C.P. monogram in the lower left, signed by the artist, in pencil in the lower right
A superb impression of this subject that is considered one of the artist’s print masterpieces. In fine condition, with full uncut margins all around. Annotated in pencil by the artist. 
Plate no. 8 of the eighteen annotated by Pissarro, ‘P. dèf. e numerate’ (from 3 to 20).
Pissarro’s interest in the theme of the Pontoise Market began in 1881, when he discovered that it was the ideal subject for his studies, and represented it by means of various artistic techniques.  
The artist moved to Eragny in 1884, where he set up his studio and where he bought a printing press in 1891. The press allowed him to personally create “working proofs” and editions directly from his plates. 
The master’s greatest lithographic work is the sheet ‘Marché à Pontoise’, c. 1895, where the perfection of the gradations in tonal values is unsurpassed in the artist’s other lithographic works.