He Disappeared into Complete Silence

Louise Bourgeois

He Disappeared into Complete Silence


Suite of eleven engravings with hand coloring; original text pages and colophon printed in 1947, in cloth bound folio

Each: 10 x 14 inches (25.4 x 35.6 cm)


Carolina Nitsch

New York, NY

(212) 463-0610

Price upon request

More Information

Louise Bourgeois released He Disappeared into Complete Silence in 1947 with an announced edition of 54 copies, but never completed it. Only 12 copies have since been located. This publication, issued to benefit the Department of Prints and Illustrated Books at The Museum of Modern Art, completes that edition. Included here are text pages printed and remaining from 1947, 10 engravings after those issued in 1947 (reworked in engraving over photogravure, with drypoint, aquatint and water color additions), and one engraving with drypoint conceived in 2001-02. Harlan and Weaver, New York, oversaw the project and editioned the engravings. Renaissance Press, Hinsdale, New Hampshire, executed the photogravure. The Grenfell Press, New Yor, printed the text pages created in 2005. Claudia Cohen Bookbinder, Seattle, Washington, produced the portfolio-style cover, modeled after the 1947 version.