Picture of the Demon Omatsu Killing Shirosaburo

Tsukioka (aka Taiso) Yoshitoshi

Picture of the Demon Omatsu Killing Shirosaburo


Original Japanese color woodblock print

oban diptych

Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints

Burbank, CA


$2,200 - $5,500

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Time freezes as Omatsu raises her knife, and we are drawn into the drama of this moment of truth. Why is she about to stab Shirôsaburô., who in some tales is her blind samurai husband and in others is her father’s murderer? Is she a victim, a hero or a villain? The details behind this story of Omatsu are unknown, but the design is of unusual power and beauty. The overhanging mimosa boughs, the fleeing waterbirds and the surging current are almost as enigmatic as a woman taking control of the story. A design of great rarity and intensity.