On Kawara


2004 - 2008

36 (3 x 12) volumes, 13690 pages in total

21 x 14.8 cm each volume

25 signed and numbered copies

mfc-michèle didier


+33 (0)1 71 27 34 41

$70,000 - $100,000

More Information

On Kawara's trilogy consists of "I GOT UP", "I WENT" and "I MET":


Between May 10, 1968 and September 17, 1979, On Kawara sent everyday a postcard stating where he was. On the back of each card he stamped the words “I GOT UP AT”, followed by the time at which he stood up that day. The date, the name and the address of both recipient and artist are also stamped on the card. "I GOT UP" brings together this corpus in twelve volumes and the information within intersects with the facts reported in "I MET" and "I WENT", the two other parts of the trilogy. 


Between June 1st, 1968 and September 17, 1979, On Kawara used a red line to trace each of his daily trips on a map. Each day of this twelve-year period is represented in the twelve volumes of "I WENT". The date of every trip is stamped at the bottom of each map. This publication enables to view the entirety of the work, making one more sensitive to the temporal dimension of the work.


During twelve years, from May 10, 1968 to September 17, 1979, the artist noted every day chronologically the names of the people with whom he conversed. This work was published as a twelve-volume edition. On each page, the list of names appears together with the day’s stamp in the footnote. Geographical location changes are signaled by grey page dividers with the city’s name. Raising fundamental questions regarding name, encounter, time or space, "I MET" creates a poetry of the moment by provoking the feeling that each day is like an empty page before it is transcribed in book-matter.