'Banking at 4000 Feet'

C.R.W. Nevinson

'Banking at 4000 Feet'



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Lithograph printed in 1917 (published 1918). From the edition of 200 signed and 100 unsigned impressions.

From the set of six lithographs entitled ‘Building Aircraft’ published by the Stationary Office as part of the series ‘The Great War : Britain’s Efforts and Ideals’. 

This is the fifth of Nevinson’s six prints, which show the process of building an aeroplane, from making parts, to assembly, and finally to flight. In this dramatically composed image, the artist expresses the fear and exhilaration of being a passenger in a fighter plane, with his hand shown gripping the side of the aircraft. He conveys a sense of movement by contrasting the strong diagonals of the wings and circular movements of the propeller with the patchwork of fields far below’.
-National Gallery of Scotland

Reference: ‘Nash and Nevinson in War and Peace’, Leicester Galleries Catalogue, 1977, catalogue numbers 23-28.