Fujikawa Station, Travellers Near a Bridge

Katsushika Hokusai

Fujikawa Station, Travellers Near a Bridge


color woodcut

127 x 180 mm

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Woodblock print, nishiki-e
127 x 180 mm
Signed: Gakyōjin Hokusai ga, (Forrer, cartouche no. 6, XXVI) In the cartouche at top right: the signature, the names of the station and of the next one with the distance between the two stations. Publisher: Gyokyudo

Series: The print belongs to an untitled series of stations on the Tōkaidō Road with 58 subjects.

Fine impression, colour and condition.
The print depicts a group of travelers near a bridge.

Matthi Forrer: Hokusai: a guide to the serial graphics, the Heron press, Philadelphia-London, 1974, pag.67, series 81, no. 34.