Abrahams Peace Plan-F

Hunt Slonem

Abrahams Peace Plan-F


archival pigment print, uniquely hand painted, including Diamond Dust

sheet: 28.5" x 41"


Stewart & Stewart

Bloomfield Hills, MI


$2,200 - $5,500

More Information

Printed and published by Stewart & Stewart, print image © Hunt Slonem 2013, photo © Stewart & Stewart 2013

Hunt Slonem provided a digital image that served as the principle substrate image for this specific series of seven monoprints titled Abrahams Peace Plan, lettered A to G. The image was digitally adjusted, after which seven archival pigment prints were printed at Arbor Oakland Group on Entrada Rag Natural 290, 100% cotton paper. The artist then painted additional imagery on each print using gouache with variations from print to print. The image area of each print was then painted with clear acrylic gel medium and Diamond Dust (fine flakes of glass) was applied over the surface. This is a rare series of unique works and Hunt Slonem's first monoprints combining pigment printing, hand painting and the application of Diamond Dust.

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