Hunt Slonem



archival pigment print, uniquely hand painted, including Diamond Dust

sheet: 28.5"h. x 41"w.


Stewart & Stewart

Bloomfield Hills, MI


$2,200 - $5,500

More Information

Printed and published by Stewart & Stewart, print image © Hunt Slonem 2013, photo @ Stewart & Stewart 2013

Hunt Slonem prepared a watercolor study that served as the principle substrate image for this specific series of seven monoprints titled Amazons, lettered A to G. The study was digitally captured and adjusted, after which seven archival pigment prints were printed with Arbor Oakland Group on Entrada Rag Natural 290, 100% cotton paper. The artist then painted additional imagery on Amazons-A and B using gouache with variations from print to print. After painting, the images of Amazons A - G were covered with clear acrylic gel medium and Diamond Dust (fine flakes of glass) was applied over the surface with variations. This is a rare series of unique works and Hunt Slonem's first monoprints combining pigment printing, hand painting and the application of Diamond Dust.

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