Alan Uglow

British , 1941 - 2011

Alan Uglow b. 1941 in Luton, England. 
Died in 2011 in New York, USA.
The works of Alan Uglow move us into the midst of everything: space, art, architecture, sculpture and painting - with our legs solidly planted on the conceptual side of the art of painting. Uglow is in his element in the field of minimalist and conceptual painting – something which was conceived and emerged at an early stage of his career, and which proved an apparently inexhaustible source. Uglow’s minimalist works, usually in the form of fields of colour – and preferably several clashing fields – are muted, almost merging with their surroundings. In many ways the works are always site specific, since they have a spatiality that on the one hand mimes the blueprints of architecture and the monochrome surfaces of art, and on the other operates as an open space for our senses and thoughts. Uglow’s works are frames for spatial reflections and associations – a blank page we end up having a very bodily dialogue with. Perhaps for this reason, Uglow also installed his paintings as sculptural objects in the middle of the floor.
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