Rosemarie Trockel

German , 1952 -

Rosemarie Trockel b. 1952 in Schwerte, Germany, 
lives and works in Cologne.
Rosemarie Trockel is a clear voice on the international art scene, where her sharp gaze on the world, society, gender and art has generated works in just about every format and medium. Her works are united by a critical attitude to systems and conventions, which can easily lead the viewer into the unknown in her challenging and ambiguous universe. “She is constantly questioning all categories and categorizations – constantly raising questions about male and female roles and zones, and about what constitutes a work of art – bringing up gender issues and art issues and raising new issues and turning them upside down and turning them inside out and then leaving them out there in a state of ambivalence, irony, or absurdity,” as Sidra Stich, curator of Trockel’s solo exhibition at The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, writes. This is a fitting description of the photogravure works she has produced in collaboration with Niels Borch Jensen; gender, conformity and categories are dismantled, just as conventional thinking is disrupted. Trockel’s art has precisely these qualities, which do not end in the work, on paper, but embed themselves as a stirring of our consciousness.
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