Martin Kippenberger

German , 1953 - 1997

Martin Kippenberger b. 1953 in Dortmund, Germany, 
died in 1997 in Vienna. Kippenberger’s works express his explicitly ironic approach to life, art and the world. It can be derisive or a postulate, but is usually heavily loaded and extremely humorous – sarcasm with an energy that is hard to shake off. The artist as figure as well as Kippenberger himself are favourite subjects in his works. The self-portrait enters its own new, self-exposed category in the work of Kippenberger, who has been widely considered to be one of the most talented German painters of his generation. However, Kippenberger was an artist who also exploited all the nuances of language and expressed himself in numerous media. The print has for Kippenberger and many of his contemporaries, been a less binding and more playful format to explore, and the dialogue between printing and painting shows an artist capable of exploiting the potential of both. In prints and photogravure his disarming and categorizing view of the world and his striking statements are loud and clear.
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