Carsten Höller

German , 1961 -

Carsten Höller b. 1961 in Brussels lives and works in Sweden. For Carsten Höller art is a unique material that generates unique experiences highly distinct from our usual interaction with each other and our surroundings. For Höller, the field of art is an exploratorium where behaviour is investigated with a healthy dose of humor. His works challenge typical views of art and what it can do, surprising the viewer time and time again. Filling Tate Modern with slides and Hamburger Bahnhof with reindeer and fungi, he emphasizes the transformative potential of art, where conventions and consciousness can be transgressed to look anew at the world, objects and patterns of behaviour we either subscribe to slavishly or have not seen the profundity of. Höller himself describes art as ‘an influential environment' where he grants the audience a central role.
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