Armand Guillaumin

French , 1841 - 1927

Born in Paris in 1841, French painter and lithographer, Armand Guillaumin grew up in Moulins, but returned to Paris at the age of sixteen. Around this time, he began working in his uncle’s shop while also studying drawing in the evenings. In 1860 he began working on the Paris-Orleans railway and continued to paint in his spare time. In 1861 he entered the Académie Suisse where he became friends with Pissarro and Cézanne.

Guillaumin exhibited at the Salon des Rufusés and at a number of Impressionist exhibitions. Eventually, he was taken up by the dealer, Auguste Portier who began his career with Durand-Ruel. Guillaumin was assured financial stability in 1891 when he won a large prize at the Loterie Nationale.
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