Gordon Hope Grant

American , 1875 - 1962

Maritime painter, illustrator, etcher and author Gordon Hope Grant was born in 1875 in San Francisco. In hopes that he would maintain his ancestral ties, he was sent to Scotland as a child. The four-and-a-half month voyage to Scotland took him from San Francisco, around the southern tip of South America and left a lasting impression on the young Grant and started a lifelong fascination with the sea and sailing vessels.

He studied art in London at Heatherley’s and Lambert’s before returning to California where he was employed by the San Francisco Chronicle and the Examiner. During this period, the artist or reporter would produce on-the-spot drawings on the battlefields and warfronts. Grant’s images of the Mexican Revolution and the Boer War were published in Harper’s Weekly.

Grant gained fame for his maritime drawings and paintings and that fame was enhanced in 1906 when prints of his painting of the U.S. Constitution were sold by the thousands as a fundraiser for the preservation of the historic vessel. After that period, Grant devoted himself almost entirely to producing images of ships and the sea.

Grant was a member of the Society of Illustrators, the Salmagundi Club, the Allied Artists of America, New York Society of Painters and the American Federation of Artists, among others.
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