Hendrick Goltzius

Dutch , 1558 - 1617

An engraver and painter, Goltzius was born in Mulbrecht, The Netherlands. First training under his father, Jan Goltz, in 1577 he then followed his second master, Dirck Volckersatz. His style and skill as an engraver at this time is best exemplified in the print 'The Standard Bearer'. Following a visit to Rome in 1590, Goltzius began to take a less extravagent and more classical approach to his work. His technical mastery and ability to reproduce the styles of other artists was formidable; as demonstrated by his six engravings of 'The Life of the Virgin', each of which are rendered in deliberate imitation of a different artist.
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Hercules and Cacus


David Tunick, Inc.

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Les Amours des Dieux.



$5,500 - $12,000

The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus


Stanza del Borgo S.R.L.

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Hill-Stone, Inc.

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