Fay Ku

Taiwanese , 1974 -

Born in Taipei, Taiwan; lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Fay Ku invokes both Eastern and Western traditions in her drawings, which combine fluid draftsmanship and meticulous detail with idiosyncratic and often discomforting ideas. The negative space and restrained use of color in Ku’s work recalls traditional
Asian art while her draftsmanship and focus on the figure is more characteristic of Western art, creating imagery that is very much a product of the artist’s unique vision. Provocative and playful, Ku’s beautifully-executed drawings pair a sexually-frank wit
with uncanny tableaus featuring solitary reveries and mysterious social rituals. Recent works depict the symbiotic, often carnal, coupling of human figures with fish or birds.
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Mermaid in Flight


Tamarind Institute

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