Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

British , 1891 - 1915

Born in France in 1891, Henri Gaudier- brzeska came to England in 1906. A self-taught artist, he visited Holland, Belgium and Germany and by 1910, settled in Paris, where he met Sophie Brzeska. They moved to London in 1911 and he began to use her name.

By 1913, Gaudier-brzeska had established a studio in Putney and worked at the Omega Workshops. Also during this period, he met Middleton Murray, Ezra Pound, Brodzky, Wyndham Lewis and T.E. Hulme. In 1914 he exhibited with the Grafton Group and at the AAA. Gaudier-brzeska was also a founding member of the London Group and after 1914, was associated with the Vorticists, contributing to “Blast Nos. I and II” and participating in the Vorticist Exhibition in 1915. Shortly after, he joined the Army and was killed in France in 1915.
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