Pia Fries

Swiss , 1955 -

Pia Fries lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. She studied sculpture at the Lucerne School of Art in 1980, then moved on to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf to study painting with Gerhard Richter until 1986. Critics have pointed out that Fries sometimes uses the squeegee to apply paint, like her mentor, but the similarity in their method ends there. Fries has said she learned from Richter not any specific theory of painting but the belief that painting was something that “you can do today.” Crown Point Press published Pia Fries’ first etchings in 2007. Pia Fries worked in the Crown Point studio this past winter and completed a series of four vibrant etchings with unexpected shapes and color combinations. Fries’s titles, "Sulk," "Falc," "Pliss" and "Rake" are made-up words and are not meant to illustrate the images. Each print balances movement and countermovement through the use of photo elements, hand-drawn marks, forms and color.
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