Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita

Japanese/French , 1886 - 1968

Tsuguharo (Leonard) Foujita was born in Tokyo in 1886. He attended the Imperial School of Fine Arts in Tokyo. In 1913 Foujita moved to Paris as he felt he could learn more in that city’s artistic community. In Paris he pioneered the technique of using stamped impressions of color combined with brush strokes on his canvases.

Foujita traveled extensively, taking inspiration from each destination, blending elements in a style that meshed Japanese tradition with Occidental modernism. Foujita found great success in Paris and spent a great deal of time, returning to Japan for only three years during WWII. Foujita also made lithographs, aquatints and soft-ground etchings, the majority of which were portraits. Foujita died in Zurich in 1968.


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