Claude Flight

British , 1881 - 1955

Linocut and woodcut artist, painter, interior designer and illustrator, Claude Flight was born in 1881. After a mixed start in engineering, farming and bee keeping he began studying art at the age of 31. He attended Heatherly’s School of Fine Arts from 1913 to 1914. Flight exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1921, in Paris in 1922 and in London at the R.B.A. from 1923. He also exhibited regularly at the Redfern Gallery and abroad.

Flight was a member of the Seven and Five Society in 1923 and the Grubb Group in 1928. He collaborated with Edith Lawrence, taught at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art and wrote and organized exhibitions on linocuts. He taught linocutting at the Grosvenor School form 1926 and his pupils included various now-famous print artists such as Lill Tschudi, Cyril Power and Sybil Andrews.

Influenced by Cubism, Futurism and Vortism, his work expressed dynamic rhythm through bold, simple forms. The linocuts show his interest in depicting speed and movement. Flight also produced a number of landscapes including “Le Port Voluntre”, “Cahors”, “Lot” and “Land’s End”.

Flight was, undoubtedly, Britain’s foremost exponent of linocutting between the wars. Undetered by the popularity of the medium at the time, Flight arranged yearly exhibitions of Grosvenor School artists’ linocuts at the Redfern and Ward Galleries, as well as touring exhibitions to provincial galleries.
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