Teresita Fernandez

American , 1968 -

Fernández is among the most acclaimed artists of her generation. She is internationally known for her immersive room-size installations and evocative large-scale sculptures that address space, light, and perception and explore the cultural fabrication of nature. These referential constructions are characterized by Fernández’ deft transformation of common materials into dazzling cinematic illusions. Through minimal means, Fernández blends abstraction, reflection, and transparency into potent mixtures of projection and play. “I am interested in the projection of the body, in an imaginary, kinesthetic way, penetrating history and distance cinematically, almost like a daydream,” she explains. “It’s as if, through visual pleasure, your gaze positions you in a place without actually being there.” Indeed, for Fernández, how one sees is as relevant as what one sees.
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