Conrad Felixmüller

German , 1897 - 1977

German painter and printmaker Conrad Felixmüller was born in Dresden in 1897. His early art studies took place at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Dresden in 1911. In 1912, he enrolled in the painting class of Carl Bantzer at the Königliche Kunstakademie. During this time, Felixmüller had taught himself various printmaking techniques.

He left the Kunstakademie in 1915 and settled in Dresden where he continued to study printmaking techniques parallel to academic tradition. He became acquainted with Expressionist circles through visits to Berlin. During this time, almost a third of his graphic work was published in magazines that were devoted to Expressionism, including Herwarth Walden’s “Der Sturm” and Franz Pfemfert’s “Aktion”. Felixmüller joined bookseller Felix Stiemer in 1917 as co-editor of the literature magazine “Menschen”, in which he was represented by 22 works.
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