Sarah Hardacre


Sarah Hardacre’s recent body of work presents a series of collages that appropriate photographs of Salford tower blocks and images cut from second hand pornographic magazines. While the subject matter of these works is, in the main, the voluptuous landscape of the female body overlaying the phallic like uprising of the modern, concrete inner city skyline; these pieces are far from being a feminist critique. Rather, they can be viewed as a biographical fetishism of the artist, a juxtaposition of the dehumanising elements of the architectural surroundings of her home with the very human act of physical sensuality and eroticism. The themes emerging from Sarah’s collages explore various systems of control: on a local level; in the geography of the urban built environment, and on a more universal level; in the psychology of power relationships within sexuality.

Drawing on the utopian ideologies of modernist architecture, the tower block backgrounds reference the social engineering of urban regeneration and housing redevelopment schemes and the effects of such projects in constructing how public and private spaces are occupied and used. Contrastingly, the sexual and erotic content seeks to investigate a strictly individualised world of control, of fetish and fantasy, desire and deviancy, submission and domination.

Since graduating Salford University’s Visual Arts (BA) course with first class honours in 2008, Sarah has exhibited her work at the Independents Liverpool Biennial, Foto-Shop Galerie, Berlin, Tourhaus Gallery, Dortmund, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin; where her work is held in the collection and various UK based galleries. She is a member of the Hotbed Press Printmakers Studio in Salford where she continues her practice and has also contributed to artist led initiatives including the o p e n e n d e d artist exchange programme with studio groups in Manchester and Bristol, the Startrunning series of international live art events and the Islington Mill Studios year long residency in Berlin.
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