Keith Milow

English , 1945 -

Born in England in 1945, Keith Milow worked in New York for fifteen years and now lives in Amsterdam. The prolific sculptor’s unique sculptures seem to be made from solid metals and glow with rich patinas of rust or verdigris. These monumental reliefs continue Milow’s synthesis of minimalist forms with raised letters that spell out personal selections of names from the pantheon of famous artists. Almost painterly, mottled surfaces with classical and industrial architecture reference postmodern textual/conceptual strategies. Coated with iron or copper wash, the fiberglass and resin pieces consist of shallow tiers embossed with names spelled out in classic versals. The objects invoke the time when fine detailing was obligatory for every product, utilitarian or ornamental. More recently the raised letters have been replaced with elements from the Brail alphabet. His painting is expressionistic in style yet impressive in scale and precision. He has made an impressive body of work in print. Milow’s beautiful objects are fitting monuments for modernism: artificial but substantial. Selected Public Collections include: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, Museum of Modern Art, NY, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY, Tate Gallery, London, and the Henry Moore Foundation, UK.
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