Caroline Durieux

American , 1896 - 1989

Born and raised in the lower French Quarter of New Orleans, Caroline Durieux became a nationally renowned painter and printmaker of social satire. She attended Newcomb College with Ellsworth Woodward and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with Henry McCarter.

It was Carl Zigrosser of the Philadelphia Museum who first encouraged Durieux to try lithography. While living in Mexico, Durieux worked with Diego Rivera and other Mexican masters before teaching at the art faculty at Newcomb College. During the same period she also served as the Director for Louisiana's WPA Art Project as well as producing numerous lithographs that rank as some of the finest satirical pieces ever produced.

In 1943, Durieux left New Orleans to teach at Louisiana State University. It was here that in the early 1950's she began her experimental work on electron printmaking, demonstrating the peaceful use of atomic technology. She also successfully produced the first color cliché verres while simultaneously perfecting her technique for making electron prints.
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