Andre Derain

French , 1880 - 1954

Andre Derain was born in Chatou, an artist colony outside Paris in 1880. He attended the Academie Carriere in 1898 and completed military service from 1900-1904.

Derain exhibited his work at the Salon des Independants and the Salon d’Automne with Matisse, Vlaminck and others, eventually creating the movement of Fauvism. In 1906, Derain met Picasso, whose dealer purchased Derain’s entire studio, signifying, for him, a newfound financial success.

After World War I, his work was influenced by Cubism, Classicism, and African Art. Derain remained in Paris during most of the Occupation, where he was highly esteemed for his artistic integrity. After the war, his popularity began to decline because of his disagreement over new artistic movements. Later, he lost partial eyesight due to an illness. He died from shock at the age of 74.
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