Not Vital

Swiss , 1948 -

One of the most important Swiss artists working today, Not Vital (pronounced “Note vee-TAHL”) has for decades created captivating works in such materials as plaster, wood, bronze, marble, silver and gold – all the while refusing to be defined by a particular vernacular. An avid printmaker since 1986, the artist has produced close to 100 print editions, 12 photographs and some 10 or so multiples. Vital thoroughly enjoys the creative process of printmaking, however he is more likely to find a non-traditional means to a traditional end, taking great pleasure in the experimental process all the while challenging the abilities of his printers and the patience of his publishers.

Exotic and domestic, foreign and familiar, his work conveys an array of influences from the various settings throughout the world where the artist lives and works. Dividing time between the small village of Sent in the Swiss Engadine mountains, to New York’s SoHo (since 1976) and from Lucca, Italy to the small village of Agadez in Niger, Africa, Vital’s imagery consists of fragmentary cultural constructs that shift in somewhat of a Surrealist way between Western artifacts to contemporary signs, symbols and marks.
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