Brian Alfred

American , 1974 -

Known for his paintings, collages and video animations that examine the ways in which perception of our environment and culture is dictated by technology, Brian Alfred’s works present a flattened, stylized, often depopulated and predominantly urban world derived from found and then digitally enhanced images. His overarching thematic concerns - including the signs and signifiers of Modernist idealism and technological progress, conspiracy theories and the growing pervasiveness of surveillance in our post-9/11 world - have led him to focus on images featuring architecture, machinery, interiors, urban and suburban landscapes, as well as text and even portraiture. The world as depicted by Brian Alfred is distanced, banal, even somewhat initially mundane - as in visually unremarkable – however after further review often highly charged with possible meanings, obscure metaphors and double entendre. The artist created his first print in 2008.
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