Roy de Forest

American , 1930 -

Roy De Forest was born in North Platte, Nebraska in 1930 and now lives in Port Costa, California. De Forest is one of the preeminent artists of the California Bay area. Usually associated with the “Funk” art movement, De Forest, with appealing irreverence, makes paintings, drawings and sculpture of a wild world of weird humans and amazingly beady-eyed dogs.

“For me, one of the most beautiful things about art is that it is one of the last strongholds of magic. It is one of the few areas of human activity in which it is possible to do something for which you would be otherwise locked up or incarcerated, especially if you were a politician and did what you can do in painting.”

De Forest has made two prints at Shark’s Ink in Colorado, his first, a woodcut, “Van Gogh in the Tropics” in 1999 and recently “Ode to Rin Tin Tin”, a lithograph, woodcut and pochoir.

De Forest was an influential teacher at the University of California/Davis and has exhibited his work worldwide, in numerous solo and group shows.
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