Jusepe (Jose) de Ribera

Spanish , 1591 - 1652

Jusepe (Jose) de Ribera was a Spanish artist who spent most of his life and career in Naples, Italy. A prolific painter, Ribera's pictures are infused with Baroque drama and emotional appeal, and are marked by Caravaggesque tenebrism. Recent scholarship has demonstrated that he made many prints during his lifetime, often as studies of what later become monumental paintings. The realistic and evocative qualities found in his paintings are effectively embodied in the medium of print. His works were collected by Spanish viceroys, the Duke of Osuna, the Duke of Alcala and the Duke of Monterrey, and through their interest in him, many of his works ended up in the royal collections of King Phillip IV of Spain, making Ribera one of very few Spanish painters actually collected by the King.
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