Honore Daumier

French , 1808 - 1879

Honore Victorin Daumier was born in 1808 in Marseilles. He made his first drawings in 1921 while working as an assistant at Delaunay’s book shop at the Palais-Royal. In 1822, Daumier began studying art under Alexandre Lenoir, who introduced him to works by Rubens and Titian. He registered his first two prints during this same year and in 1824, two years later, he published two more lithographs. The following year Daumier worked as an assistant to the lithographer Belliard and created his first lithographic copies of drawings from the Louvre.

In 1829, his first lithographs appeared in “La Silhouette”, published by Ratier and Ricourt. In 1834, he created prints for “Charivari” and “La Caricature”, as well as 36 terracotta busts portraying parlamentarians of his time. During the same year, he drew his 5 famous prints to appear in the “Association Mensuelle”. From 1838 to 1852, Daumier produced some 600 wood engravings.

In 1860, after being dismissed by “Charivari”, he started drawing lithographs for various other papers, publishing lithographs in “Le Boulevard” and “Le Monde Illustré”.

His eyesight began to deteriorate in 1867 and his last prints and drawings appeared the following year. Daumier died at Valmondois at the age of 71.
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