Frederic Schiller Cozzens

American , 1846 - 1928

Born in 1846, Frederic Schiller Cozzens studied at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but never completed a degree. He was an illustrator for “Harpers Weekly” magazine, as well as many others.

Cozzens exhibited with the Mystic Seaport Association, the Brooklyn Art Association and the Boston Art Club.

Cozzens is best known for a series of chromolithographs of his watercolors that were reproduced as a portfolio for J.D.J Kelley’s “American Yachts: Their Clubs and Races”. In addition, he also illustrated books on the subject of yachting. After the turn of the century, he spent most of his time on private watercolor commissions, mostly of marine subjects.
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