Claude Clark

African-American , 1915 -

Claude Clark was born on a tenant farm in Georgia in 1915.He received a four year scholarship to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and studied at the Barnes Foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacramento State University and a Masters of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Clark worked as a printmaker in stone lithography, metal plate intaglio, aquatint, etching and carbograph on the Federal Arts Project of the Works Progress Administration in Philadelphia from 1939-1942. During the Depression, he shared a studio with Raymond Steth and worked closely with carborundum print process inventor, Dox Thrash.

He taught at Sacramento State College in 1956, demonstrating how carbographs were made, as well as creating several prints. From 1942 until the early 1960s, Clark did linoleum relief prints for each year, including “New House.”

He has been a professor in Alabama and California where he is currently professor Emeritus at the Merritt Campus of Peralta College District in Oakland.
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