Mark Catesby

English , 1679 - 1749

Naturalist, graphic artist and painter Mark Catesby was born in 1682 in Hedingham, Essex. He traveled on scientific expeditions to the British colonies in North America and the Caribbean from 1712-1719 and from 1722-1726. The information that he gathered helped him to produce the first fully illustrated survey of the flora and fauna of the British colonies in the Americas. Catesby illustrated “The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands” which contained 220 hand-colored etchings.

He received lessons in etching from Joseph Goupy and produced most of the plates after his own drawings in graphite, gouache and watercolor. He produced several other plates as well, after drawings by Georg Doinysius Ehret, Claude Aubriet, John White and Everhard Kick.
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