Simon de Cantarini

Italian , 1612 - 1648

Simoni Cantarini was born in 1612 in Pesaro, in the Marches, a region that was a crossroads for many Italian artists. He began his artistic training quite young in the studio of Giovanni Giacomo Pandolfi, a painter of religious works. Cantarini relocated to the shop of Claudio Ridolfi after a brief visit to Venice.

He received training in the Venetian manner and gained a deep appreciation for the art of Federico Barocci who he had worked with in Urbino. Ridolphi left Pesaro in 1629, forcing Cantarini to continue his studies on his own. Soon after he began to concentrate on prints.

His commissions include, “Saint Peter Curing a Lame Man” for San Pietro in Valle.
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