Daniel Buren

French , 1938 -

A French conceptual artist, Buren was born in Paris in 1938. After studying painting in the 1960s he began producing works by using striped cloth,which he refers to as a “seeing tool”. In 1968, without permission, Buren installed 200 striped posters around Paris and two years later, he put up striped posters in 140 Metro stations. His distribution of stripes gained him public attention and at his first solo exhibition in a gallery he blocked up the entrance with stripes.

Buren was invited to the Guggenheim Museum in 1971, but his work was rejected due to its audacity. He participated in the Venice Biennale as a representative of French artists in 1986 and won the “Golden Lion Award”. During the same year he completed an infamous work in the Palais Royal court in Paris with the support of the late President Mitterrand, thus making his position among other leading artists in France concrete. In 1985,he produced 200 flags at Ushimado International Art Festival in Okayama. His most recent works in Japan reside in Shinjuku I-Land and in the Tokyo Coastal Metropolitan Sub-Center.
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Framed, Exploded, Defaced


Hiram Butler Gallery

$70,000 - $100,000