John Buckland-Wright

British/American , 1897 - 1954

British artist John Buckland-Wright was born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1897. After the death of his parents, he relocated to England in 1908. After the war he studied history at Magdalen College in Oxford and in 1920 he graduated from London University. Not until four years later did he embark upon his artistic career, when he came into an inheritance. He traveled to Europe and eventually settled in Paris were he remained until the Second World War. In 1936, he participated in the first International Surrealist Exhibition in London. A master of both intaglio and relief printmaking, Buckland-Wright returned to England where he spent several years teaching at Camberwell School of Art and at the Slade. In 1940, he represented British engraving at the Venice Biennale Exhibition and was elected to serve as a member of the SWE.
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